What kind of transportation can i use in the city?

There are several types such as urban buses with different routes, taxis and bicycles, however, if you are going to visit the center, we recommend walking, it is an excellent city where you enjoy doing this activity, so you can learn more and stop in every corner that find.

How can I travel to the Huasteca of the capital?

In the terminal you can take a bus with the different companies that offer you different routes to Huasteca, Altiplano, Middle Zone and Central Zone. We recommend you set up a route, for example if you go to Huasteca you can set up an itinerary of all the places you would like to visit. They are not far from each other so you will enjoy Huasteca Potosina.

What is the best season to visit San Luis Potosí?

It depends on the activity you want to do but without a doubt Holy Week is one of the best, in addition to being an excellent season to visit the Huasteca, in the capital you can enjoy The Procession of Silence, one of the most important events in the state.

What options do I have to stay in San Luis Potosí?

We recommend you check our category of hotels to check all the options offered in the city.

How is the nightlife in San Luis?

You can find a great variety in different areas of the city, from going out to salsa dancing to going to see a live band somewhere.

What can I do a normal day in the city?

From walking and appreciating the beautiful architecture, eating ice cream, going to the park, touring and visiting museums or going to eat the wide variety of cuisine, which we are sure, you will love.

What festive activities are there in the city?

It depends on your choice, you can go from a photography festival to a wine festival, we assure you that you will not get bored.