Palacio Municipal

Jardín Hidalgo 29


The Municipal Palace today houses only some city hall offices, including the Tourism Office. You can enter it, because now it works mainly as a cultural center. Temporary exhibitions, the traditional monumental altar of the dead in November, as well as book presentations, film series and the National Chocolate Festival, are among the activities that can be attended. Of course the building itself offers a good reason to enter. In the rest of the stairs you can see the stained glass window with coat of arms of the city and the state. In the upper rooms you can also appreciate the frescoes of the Italian painter Erulo Eroli. At the start of the main staircase you can see Pompeian mosaics that represent a dove and a dog. It is said that Bishop Ignacio Montes de Oca ordered them to be symbolized that he who came to an audience with him of bad character (dog), left the meek enclosure as a dove and in the second, a dog. It is said that Archbishop Montes de Oca put them symbolizing that those who, angry, went up to deal with some matter with him, descended on the other meek arm like a dove. In the coat of arms of the city, granted by Felipe IV, Saint Louis King of France is represented with an ermine cloak over a field divided in two. On the blue field you can see two gold bars and on the gold two silver bars, metals that were found in the Cerro de San Pedro, which appears at the foot of the monarch, with two open holes.