Plaza de Armas

Jardín Hidalgo 11


In this square are the main buildings of the municipal, state and legislative government; as well as the cathedral. Adorned with magnolias in its gardens, it is one of the favorites of older adults who gather here, as well as families visiting the first painting on the weekend. The terrace of La Posada del Virrey is ideal to become an observer of the trajín of the square: of the traditional works, like the globero, the bolero, the organillero and of course, the lottery seller. You can not miss on Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. the ballroom dance session of the elderly It is a show! The care of your outfit and the dance steps of "cha cha cha", "danzón" and "son" will leave you admired. It is also worth listening to and seeing the band of the State at the kiosk in the square every Thursday and Sunday interpreting from Potosí composers to Strauss waltzes and big band music.