Jardin de Tequis

De Tequisquiapan


The Tequis Garden is par excellence one of the most famous parks in the capital city of San Luis Potosí. It was built in the sixteenth century, has seen generations pass through its green areas, and has managed to maintain its importance, in addition to being located on the main street of the city, which is AV Venustiano Carranza. In Tequis everything begins with the first mass of the church in front of the square. Families gather in the green area after the religious celebration, and consume some of the products that the vendors offer: from muffins to coffee. The boys run around the fountain, and -if it is Sunday-, the walkers on bicycles make a stopover to rest in one of the planters of the place. The men walk hand in hand, and a very Mexican atmosphere is felt in the place.